If you’re a rebel too, join me & let me share my dream world with you!

I’ve always been a rebel.

From my journalism studies at Loyola University Chicago followed by eight years of work in digital media, to my daily research and testing of energy methodologies and physical products, my experience supports my intention to provide the highest quality of trustworthy content for a beautiful and radiant life.

Before presenting information, I thoroughly educate myself on Eastern and Western medicine’s data, history, methodology, and opinions on all topics. When practicing rituals, such as cord cutting and saging, I research their history so I can respect the ancestral and cultural elements that created them.  

My life’s goal is to live consciously and joyously and inspire others while on my way.

conscious creating

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While it may be contradictory to most science at the moment, I believe and have experienced that healing and living joyously starts with the mind, proceeds to diet and skincare, then culminates with your environment. Between my energy work, Face Reading and skincare expertise, I’m the only person combining and presenting these alternative modalities in this approach–and it’s really gratifying. 

When I started talking about these concepts, and sometimes even now, a lot of people gave me a perplexed look or called me a weirdo (a compliment for this Aquarius sun sign!). But what I have energetically accomplished speaks for itself: In the past four years I have healed myself from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)–a syndrome with allegedly no cure, and the cystic acne that is a symptom of PCOS, (check out my Dream Skin online course here) Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and chronic and severe jaw clenching and back pain, and I’ve grown my eyelashes darker without the use of any products. I’ve also manifested an abundance of gifts, opportunities and resources and share my anecdotes in my weekly newsletter 

I've always been a rebel

I consider myself a lifelong energy scholar. When I was a child, I didn’t know the word or specific process for “manifesting” so I just called my youthful version of creating my desires “good luck.” Now, my favorite hobby is to study and practice how energy works–it cascades way past the Law of Attraction and “good luck!”

To further my knowledge, in 2021, I will be doing a 10-month energy mentorship with some of the top energy healers in the U.S. I’m already a certified Face Reader (more about that here) and have been researching, testing, and reviewing beauty products and processes for the past 16 years. I’ve even developed my own clean beauty products, beloved by friends and family and coming to you at a later date. 

conscious living

String bikinis & spirituality, anyone?

When I was originally investigating the holistic & spiritual space, I could not find anyone that completely resonated with me. In my embodiment of wellness, sexy, smart and spiritual can all be on the same plane, instead of just the crunchy, exclusionary and stereotypical characteristics that are usually and unfortunately associated with the wellness field. Because I didn’t discover what I was looking for, I decided to be that irreverent, sparkly being, who shatters stigmas around wellbeing, while combining all of my creative interests for a happy life. 

I dedicate my time to learning, writing and unlocking the power within myself. My work is an amalgamation of all my energy, wellness and aesthetic interests and my interpretation and implementation of those pursuits in my own life. My website and social channels are a place where I communicate ideas that were not available to me until much later in my life (such as self-healing using the mind) and give people confidence that they can create their dream life too.





1. When I’m not working you can find me:

reading, cooking, jumping on my baby trampoline, traveling

2.Three adjectives that describe me:

loyal, playful, sassy

3.My favorite book:

Nonfiction:"The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shinn” / fiction: “Dollface” by Renee Rosen

4. Beauty product I can’t live without:


5. Favorite affirmation:

I always receive endless abundance, bliss and love. 

6. Movie I could watch forever:

Legally Blonde

7. Pet peeves:

bad manners + cigarette smoking

8. Splurges on:

shoes, skincare & sustenance

The 411 on
Yours Truly