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I left a career in digital journalism to become what I now term as an “energy influencer.” I am also a certified face reader mentored by the late Lillian Pearl Bridges of the Lotus Institute.

When I was originally investigating the holistic and spiritual space, I could not find anyone that completely resonated with me. In my embodiment of wellbeing, sexy, smart and spiritual can all be on the same plane, instead of just the crunchy, exclusionary and stereotypical characteristics that are usually and unfortunately associated with the spiritual and wellness fields. Because I didn’t discover what I was looking for, I decided to be that irreverent, sparkly being, who shatters stigmas around wellbeing, while combining all of my creative interests for a happy life. String bikinis and spirituality are a staple in my life!

​​I dedicate my time to learning, writing and unlocking the power within myself. My work is an amalgamation of all my aesthetic and energetic interests and my interpretation and implementation of those pursuits in my own life. I enjoy sharing ideas that were not available to me until much later in my life (such as manifesting and self-healing using the mind-body connection) and give people confidence that they can create their dream life too. 

contact me: love@victoriacosima.com


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healed myself from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
– no known cures in the allopathic world

healed the cystic acne that is a
symptom of PCOS

healed Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
– no known cures in the allopathic world

healed Raynaud’s Syndrome
– no known cures in the allopathic world

healed chronic and severe jaw clenching, back and sciatica pain

grown my eyelashes darker without the use of any products

gotten rid of white hair and grew head hair where it never grew before

released wrinkles off of my face (I am in my 30s and people think I look like I am in my 20s)

Outside of the wellness realm I have also had many successes: I have manifested the love of my life, not to mention an abundance of gifts, opportunities and resources. I share my anecdotes in my monthly newsletter.

While it may be contradictory to most science at the moment, I believe and have experienced that healing and living joyously through the mind and body connection is possible. Between my energy work, Face Reading and skincare expertise, I’m the only person combining and presenting these alternative modalities in this approach–and it’s really gratifying to see the successes myself and my clients have attained.

When I started talking about these concepts, and sometimes even now, a lot of people gave me a perplexed look or called me a weirdo (a compliment for this Aquarius sun sign!). But what I have energetically accomplished speaks for itself:

my thoughts on energy, healing & manifesting