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Look and feel your best at any age and get rid of wrinkles and signs of aging naturally

Soul Spa

Luminous Living

The Luminous Living Soul Spa unites ancient energy rituals with modern wellness techniques for the beautification and empowerment of the body, mind and soul.

You're invited to an eight week luxury, online wellness experience for
aging prevention and solutions.

You feel confused and dismayed that you do not know how to achieve your current aging and beauty intentions of looking and feeling your best and are starting to feel desperate in finding a solution that actually aligns with you.

You have an important upcoming celebratory moment like a wedding or high school reunion, or a life transition like returning to the dating world or starting a new career (congratulations!) and you're ready to make changes, but don't know where to start.

You feel disempowered (and thats not who you are or how you want to see yourself!) from associating aging with a loss of beauty and power.

You want to stay young forever and get rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging, but are only finding modalities (like cosmetic procedures) that don't offer safe or sustainable results and don't coincide with the natural way you want to live.

You feel exhausted and frustrated from all the effort you've been dedicating between research and spending a lot of money cobbling together a multitude of modalities, like cosmetic treatments, workouts, skincare, and diet, just to realize that what you've been trying is only a bandaid and not a solution.

Are you struggling with the following?

The Luminous Living Soul Spa is your complete solution.

•   You glide with more flexibility and mobility
    in your body, even as you age.
•   You understand what aging actually is and
    that you really don't have to age if you don't
    want to.
•   You release fears and heal hormonal issues
    related to menstruation, peri-menopause
    and menopause.
•   You are free from society's rules of beauty
    that state you have to be young to be
    considered attractive and important.
•   You feel alive, turned on and sexy (maybe
    for the first time in your life) and that
    energy attracts all your desires to you

•   You emanate a sexy confidence and
    radiate an inner glow.
•   You feel beautiful, confident and
    empowered whenever you want to,
    regardless of your age and what is going on
    in your life.
•   You minimize or completely erase (your
    choice) wrinkles and other signs of
    "aging" naturally.
•   You create a custom beauty ritual that
    easily fits into your schedule and leaves
    you feeling relaxed, fulfilled and glowing. 
•   You have more free time (and expendable
    income) because you no longer worry about
    finding and buying what will work since
    you have all the resources and tools you

You not only feel fabulous, but you look fabulous too. Every day you float through the day on cloud nine, everything conspiring for you to succeed.

What if you woke up every morning knowing that *again* it is your best hair, skin and body day?

sagging breasts
sagging skin
tech neck
tight fascia

•   sagging breasts
•   sagging skin
•   tech neck
•   tight fascia
•   wrinkles

liver spots
low confidence
low energy
menstruation issues
menopause issues

•   liver spots
•   low confidence
•   low energy
•   menstruation issues
•   menopause issues

aging cultural perspectives
dull skin
feminine energy imbalance
lack of flexibility & mobility
lack of vitality

•   aging cultural perspectives
•   dull skin
•   feminine energy imbalance
•   lack of flexibility & mobility
•   lack of vitality

Here is a short list of what you'll be resolving in the program
that will leave you feeling rejuvenated:

Victoria has helped me so much from clearing chronic acne, dissolving wrinkles, and embracing my feminine energy... She helps you unlock your own intuitive gifts and guides you to gain insight into how to heal yourself. Working with her is a powerful and transformative experience. She has helped me relax and find inner peace at times when I felt it was impossible.

With her guidance, I have purged many negative emotions that were stuck in my face, causing wrinkles. I released so much anger that I did not know was there, except of course, evidenced by the line [that was] on my face. She will give you insight on how to move forward, providing mental clarity and removing blocks that were previously there. She will help you let go of any negative beliefs or narratives and rewrite them into new, positive affirmations that can bring profound change and awakening. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity. She will help you manifest your heart's true desires.
 – Alex H. , 34

Loyola University Chicago
B.A. Journalism

Fascia Flossing
The Floss
Bonnie Crotzer

Radiant Lotus
Women's Qigong
Daisy Lee

Face Reading
Lotus Institute
Lillian Pearl Bridges


I truly believe that all the women who become members of the Luminous Living Soul Spa will be in awe of how quickly they can heal issues they never thought they could heal. 

Since I was 12-years-old (I am in my 30s now), I have been enjoying curating makeovers for friends and family. As an adult I worked as a digital media journalist and clean beauty blogger and realized there was way more to beauty than just skincare and diet.

Because of my enthusiasm for creating deeper transformations for myself and others, I decided to pursue a certification in face reading. Face reading is a modality from ancient China and a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that correlates colors, lines, marks, shapes, and textures on the face, ears and neck with a reciprocating emotion and organ in the body. The process helps people heal emotional, physical and spiritual trauma and can be used in a myriad of ways. 

Since then, my studies quickly expanded into multiple genres of exploration under the energy and wellness umbrella, as I realized how I could rejuvenate myself and my new clients. I created a streamlined method for healing wrinkles and inner issues they reveal so people can expedite their healing journey and start living their desires.

After five years of certifications, research and testing on myself and private clients, I am ready to bring to the world my expertise showing women how to release wrinkles, eradicate menstrual and menopause symptoms, and empower themselves on a deep soul level.

It is my life’s mission to be able to bring this mechanism of radiance to women all across the world because I believe every woman deserves to feel and look her best. When that is accomplished with even just one person, that satisfaction illuminates the world and uplifts everyone here.  

Spa Sessions Taught by Creator, Victoria Cosima

There is nothing like the Luminous Living Soul Spa anywhere in the world.

In the final class, you will curate a custom ritual from all the practices and learn how to modify your practice for maximum results, leaving you gleaming.

February 28


This class will briefly go over the basics of diet, herbs and skincare but will mostly focus on important modifications in how to utilize these tools in the best way for you. Glisten will also include Victoria's own facial and neck massage to break up any scar tissue and to restore blood and qi (energy) flow to the face which helps to lift everything and increase inner glow.

February 21


This class will focus on how to create a custom movement sequence based on your intentions from "gratify" using Qigong and fascia elements to help you glide in your body and through life.

February 14

Glide 3

Fascia stretching is a series of resistance movements that release blockages and tension throughout the body so that the fascia (the connective tissue covering everything within the body), comes back into balance and is supple and strong. Fascia stretching increases blood flow which resolves dry skin, cellulite, muscle pain and tightness, lack of mobility and many other issues.

February 7

Glide 2

Qigong is an ancient Daoist system of gentle movements and massage that regulates your nervous system, helps to balance hormones, and restores peace to all who practice. People who practice Qigong regularly tend to look and feel a lot younger than their actual ages.

January 31

Glide 1

Part of Victoria's face reading and energy healing expertise is connecting people with their spirit. When you connect with your spirit, you experience the most beautiful glow emanating from within. The spirit is anchored in the heart area, so a loving breast massage to tonify the breast tissue, uplift the breasts, and open the heart will also be included in this class.

January 24


Wrinkles and skin issues are not signs of aging, but clues to emotional balance within. You will learn to read your face in regards to diagnosing the wrinkles and other skin conditions, build on the gratify session on exactly how to release the emotions and replace them with a state of joy and satisfaction. When you release the emotions, the wrinkles melt away.

January 17


This class focuses on Victoria's personal energy healing method. This method can be used in every scenario in life to attain what you desire, which is why this class is called "gratify." You'll learn how to rewire neural pathways optimally and quickly, release long-held emotions and stories, create intentions, and set the foundations for the program all leading to a state of peace and pleasure.

January 10


All classes will be hosted live via Zoom on Wednesdays at 8 pm Eastern/7 pm Central time. Each class will be 90 minutes each with a Q&A the last 30 minutes. 

Integration sessions will occur on Tuesdays at 8pm Eastern/7 pm Central time, starting January 16.

All sessions will be recorded. 

Session Schedule 2024

Victoria is extremely talented, skilled & professional at helping people clear the emotional issues in order to feel better and also make their face more beautiful. She's so compassionate and caring, and I felt very safe with her. My forehead [wrinkles] looked fantastic after working on issues from my 20s, which she helped me to reframe and understand in different ways.
-- Sunny W., 58

*we keep the products to a minimum as they are only tools and not actually what heals

revisit concepts and tools from the sessions: class and integration session recordings, workbooks, online store for products* 

Library of

post questions and receive answers and ideas from Victoria and other members, connect with women in the program, and share your wins

Private Membership

additional weekly Zoom meeting where you can ask questions live and receive advice and clarity on what you’re working on

Weekly Integration Sessions

Program Details

This is the only time the Luminous Living Soul Spa will be taught live giving you extra time to work with Victoria and stay on track.

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The price will return to $3,500 in 2024 when the application period reopens.

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There are no monthly or yearly fees, what you pay gives you lifetime access to all the resources and support offered at the Luminous Living Soul Spa.

Lifetime Membership Fee

The Luminous Living Soul spa will not be a good fit for you if you only want a quick fix, you do not believe you can heal yourself, or you are not ready to have your dream skin.

Also, if you are  a woman younger than 30 years of age, this program is not for you. Something is being created for your age group coming in late 2024.

Who is the Luminous Living Soul Spa not for?

No. All integration sessions are for member benefit to find clarity in class teachings and personal work. Integration sessions will be recorded and added to the resource library.

Are the integration sessions mandatory?

If you have to miss a live session, you will be able to watch a recording within 48 hours of the end of the live session. You may also attend integration sessions or comment in the private member community to ask any questions you have from any of the live sessions.

What if I cannot attend a session live?

If you pay in full ($2,500), you are able to request a refund up until
January 31, 2024. After that date there will be no refunds.

If you choose to pay in two payments of $1,400 each, you may request a refund up until January 12.

What is the refund policy?

Please allow up to five business days for your application to be processed.

If you do not receive an email in that time, please check your spam folder first, then email

How long will it take to process my application? 

Applications close on Thursday, December 21 at 12 pm Central.

When do applications close?


Yes. You can book a free consultation with Victoria to verify that the Luminous Living Soul Spa aligns with your desires and intentions.

Is this program right for me? Can I talk to someone?

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