Full Body Glowing Skin in 3 Easy Steps

With #HotGirlSummer still going strong, here’s a super easy guide to leave your skin glimmering and shimmering into the fall.

Step One: Dry Brush

There’s so many benefits and reasons for using a dry brush, however I use mine most for smooth, glowing skin. 

When you use a dry brush, not only are you majorly exfoliating but you’re also helping your body internally by stimulating lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system in your body is comprised of tissues and organs that help assist your body in getting rid of any unwanted substances as well as transport lymph, which contains infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the immune system. When your body is functioning properly and there isn’t stagnation in your blood and water systems, your skin emanates a glow from within.

As I’m continuously trying to be more conscious of my arsenal of products, I appreciate the entire creation process of the Prana Brush, the dry brush I use. The brush is handmade from sustainably-harvested beechwood and smoothed and finished with natural wax. The inner bristles are copper and the outer bristles are ethically-sourced boar hair obtained in a gentle manner. Because of its copper bristle center, the brush creates a negative ion store (negative ions are better than positive ions!) for your body that may help prevent free radical damage.

When my skin is completely dry, I start at the soles of my feet and work my way up my body using light, short strokes towards my heart, the natural way the lymphatic system in the body flows. The entire process takes less than five minutes using eight strokes in each section. 

Before I started using the Prana Brush I did not realize that I needed to be exfoliating more. It took a layer of dead skin off that I did not realize was on my leg (!!). I have very sensitive skin so there are a few areas where my skin is thinner that I cannot use the brush because it’s too abrasive, even after acclimating my skin to it. (Note: I would avoid using this on your face regardless of your skin reactivity.) 

Because the Prana Brush is made of antibacterial copper, washing isn’t required and it needs to be kept completely dry and away from water, oils and soaps. To clean it, tap it against the sink to remove any dead skin particles and store in a dry area. 

Some people dry brush every as a way to energize, however, I use it twice a week and find that my skin remains smooth in between.

Bonus tip: This is the best tool I’ve ever used in removing old self-tanner as well as prepping for self-tanner use.

Step Two: Polish

While the Prana Brush exfoliates, the next step is to completely smooth everything. If I don’t have a scrub handy, I use coconut sugar over wet skin. For my sensitive areas that I can’t use a dry brush on–inner arms and thighs, face, neck, and chest–I’ll use my Clarisonic with a mild exfoliating scrub. If a scrub after a dry brush is too much, use a warm washcloth in the shower, gliding the washcloth in the same direction as you would with the dry brush. 

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Step Three: Moisturize

Choosing the right moisturizer is key for the final step. I find that it’s best to use a carrier oil, like jojoba, as it is toxin-free and is naturally lubricating for skin without clogging pores. I’ve used a lotion for this step too but it doesn’t leave the same sheen as an oil does (even after it’s dry).   

Immediately after step two and my skin is still warm from my shower, I rub the oil between my hands to warm it up, then  *press* a light layer into skin (instead of rubbing it across skin with a thick layer). I let it absorb for 10 minutes before dressing. For any areas of excess oil, I dab lightly with a dry cloth. 

For an additional glow up, I like to press a body shimmer oil or cream highlighter into my décolleté and anywhere else that light would naturally reflect. 

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